High Performance OLTP Applications in Cloud: Doing more with less

Last year, for Oracle Open World 2013, I published a study demonstrating that organizations can achieve a 10x improvement in price/performance for their Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) Applications with Delphix. I ran 26 Virtual Databases (VDBs), each at 35,000 transactions per minute, for an aggregate load of 910,000 transactions per...
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Volunteering with Delphix

Written by Estelle Chou (Berkeley ’15, Delphix intern, Summer 2014) Serving the community has always been a passion of mine. In the past, I’ve participated in a variety of volunteer events with different groups and organizations. My experiences have opened my eyes to the importance of giving back to the...
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The BTC team

An internship amongst sharks

Written by Nikos Theodorou (Stanford MS ’14, Delphix Intern, Summer 2014) “So, what’s your department called at Delphix?” “Business Technology Consulting, or BTC” -“And… what exactly do you do there?” This is how a typical conversation with friends would go during my Summer with Delphix. I am entering my last quarter...
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Virtualising Oracle EBS R12.1 using Delphix

Oracle EBS R12.1 Virtualisation Since v4.0 Delphix has had the ability to Virtualise Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) environments – (Database, Database Tech Stack & Apps Tier), in this post I will provide a quick walkthrough on how you can configure Delphix to Virtualise your EBS environment. For this walkthrough I...
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Peter, and his mentor, Jordan.

Takeaways from a Summer Engineering internship at Delphix

Written by Peter Vilim,  (UIUC ’15, Delphix Intern, Summer 2014) I had an amazing summer at Delphix.  I want to share a bit about how I found Delphix and the experience of applying and interviewing there.  I am currently a master’s student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  I started...
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Tuning the OpenZFS write throttle

In previous posts I discussed the problems with the legacy ZFS write throttle that cause degraded performance and wildly variable latencies. I then presented the new OpenZFS write throttle and I/O scheduler that Matt Ahrens and I designed. In addition to solving several problems in ZFS, the new approach was...
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Docker replication using Delphix Application Data

The open-source Docker platform has recently been making waves in the virtualization and cloud work for its write-once, run anywhere style of distribution. Docker gives users the ability to create a specific container (environment) for applications and then easily transfer that container to other machines. This transfer can typically be...
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The Promise of Cloud

Part 1 of AWS Series: IO Characteristics of Elastic Block Storage(EBS) in AWS : Grades are out Part 2 of AWS Series: Migrating Oracle Applications into AWS Delphix Version 4.1 supports deployment into AWS and so I have been evaluating AWS for the past couple of months. As I speak to partners...
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Louis representing Delphix at the 2015 GigaOM Conference

Rapid Ramp with BTC

Written by Louis Evans, Product Marketing Manager (Harvard ’13) When I took a job at Delphix, I knew what sort of employer I was looking for. I wanted to work for a company where smart people took on hard problems. I wanted to work for the private sector, and the...
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Taking a Bite Out of Hunger

One of the best parts of working at a startup is creating new traditions, and the one I am most proud to be part of is volunteering at events that coincide with each new Delphix product release. We celebrate our accomplishments by going out into the community and helping in...
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